Goodwill Industries of South Florida Is affiliated and a member of Goodwill Industries International, a network of 172 community-based with locations in the United States, Canada and 22 other countries. This autonomous member organizations serves people with workplace disadvantages and disabilities by providing job training and employment services, as well as job placement opportunities and post-employment support.

Goodwill Industries of South Florida consists of 46 stores, up to 3,200 guests and employees, and has over 500 connected devices in its stores at a given time.

They are expanding their operations with the startup of 60 trailers that will work as donations delivery mobile points, so they will need to stay connected with the rest of the branches, in addition to reducing operating costs and risks associated with cybersecurity.


• Create a network and communications infrastructure solution for 46 Goodwill stores, offering levels of security under “PCI” Security Standard, having centralized management and secure remote access, allowing ubiquity of operation and support. The design and operational implementation of the solution was required for a maximum period of three months.

• Offer a management solution and preventive, proactive and reactive support for the installed infrastructure.

• A tool for visibility, monitoring and support for the management of all stores.

StoresPCICompliance Goodwill retail stores needed to meet PCI Compliance standards, in order to achieve this requirement Soutec had to create a layout and design properly. Cisco’s Meraki security features set addresses all of the PCI Data Security Standards, helping Goodwill stores to build and maintain a secure network, protect card holder data, implement strong access control, maintain a vulnerability management program and monitor network security without the need to install an additional monitoring software.

Stores Traffic Shaping Goodwill has some bandwidth limitations at some of their stores, but still wants to provide internet access to their stores visitors. Thanks to Meraki’s traffic shaping feature we were able to ensure that users do not consume more bandwidth than they should. The Meraki Cloud includes an integrated bandwidth shaping module that enforces upload and download limits.

Stores Location Analytics Thanks to Meraki Wireless Access Points and its cloud-based location analytics and user engagement solution, we were able to provide data about visitors to physical locations, enabling Goodwill to better understand the behavior of clients.

Mobile Device Management Goodwill uses tablets at their stores for business purposes. Thanks to Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management Goodwill can enforce device security policies, deploy software and apps and guarantee their employees use tablets only for business needs.

Stores Internet 4G Cellular Failover For Goodwill was very important to have a solution able to provide redundancy for their internet connection. Cisco Meraki Firewalls 4G Cellular failover feature uses a USB port in a MX Firewall device for connecting a 3G/4G USB modem. Traffic will be automatically redirected to the 3G/4G interface in the event of a connectivity failure with the WAN interface, with this solution Goodwill guarantees its stores operation if the primary internet connection goes down.

Network Monitoring Thanks to Meraki monitoring feature Goodwill is able to monitor all of their devices and events and generate email alerts, this has been very helpful as it helps the IT department to receive notifications when there is an issue at any of the 46 stores.


There were adjustments to be made in two ways. On the one hand,

the offices required:


Firewalls Up-grade

For the stores, Soutec offered:

Cisco Meraki Full Stack



Access points


• Conceive an infrastructure capable of supporting the operation of all stores, maintaining the functionality of paging systems, wireless, mobile devices, telephones, security cameras, computers.

• Facilitate visibility by remotely monitoring the performance of all stores, considering that they have a limited team of specialists.

• Wireless network solutions to implement the use of mobile devices and offer Wi-Fi connection to improve the visitors experience.

• Obtain information and control over the websites that employees are visiting to regulate the usage, so it will be orientated to the organization needs.


• Simplicity of implementation and administration: offers an intuitive and friendly solution.

• Operational Continuity: Remote and centralized problem solving.

• Report: The dashboard and the analytics confirmed vital information for decision making based on network behavior and security.

• Cost optimization: the purchase of resources and the investment in man hours are reduced, impacting on the expenses of the IT Management.

• Scalability and flexibility: guarantee the necessary base for the incorporation of new functionalities.

• Add value to business process: Implement secure, powerful and stable Wi-Fi solutions in each store.

• Improved the customer experience.

• Obtain information on customer behavior in each store.

• Soutec support 24/7.



Preventive and proactive support is given. The entire Meraki platform is managed, so we prevent the service from being interrupted.


Focus on mobile devices and security Install in goodwill trailers Firewalls Meraki, LAN ports for printer, and cameras.