Soutec ranked # 2 in the Top 10 of the fastest growing technology companies in South Florida

Soutec has been named one of the fastest growing technology companies in the 2018 technology awards of the South Florida Business Journal. This program honors private companies with financial growth for a period of two years. Congratulations to the entire American team! … because we grow together! The evaluation was made to a group of 15 companies.

Soutec is not your average IT solutions provider. As the company charges toward its fifth year in business, its rapid growth and success is no small feat.



Between 2016 and 2017, Soutec saw a nearly 72 percent increase in revenue – to $2.52 million from $1.46 million – earning the company the No. 2 spot on this year’s list of the fastest-growing technology companies in the region ranked by percentage growth.

Founded in 2014 by Julian Pinzon and his business partners Gianfranco Di Girolamo and Carlos Silva, Soutec’s goal is to help companies increase productivity, security and reliability through various IT solutions.

Soutec’s portfolio of products ranges from standard network infrastructure offerings and data tools to advanced collaboration tools for meeting, presenting and sharing content to private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.

Right now, cybersecurity is Soutec’s largest area of focus, as well as its most requested service.

“Companies are becoming more aware of the ways they can and should be protecting themselves,” Pinzon said. “But some still have security programs in place that were great 10 years ago and need to be changed now.”

But even more than the growing concerns around proper cybersecurity leading to an increase in service, what’s helped push Soutec’s growth is a combination of its team and the company’s partnership with Cisco Systems.

“Partnering with Cisco has been one of the best things for our company,” Pinzon said. “When we approach a client and mention that partnership, there’s an automatic sense of trust and respect instilled.”

When it comes to Soutec’s team, Pinzon says there was a bit of trial and error in the early stages of hiring. They realized early on that hiring young people – especially those in their last year at a university – would be the most beneficial.

“Young people are open-minded, they bring new ideas, and they’re generally better about listening and adapting to change,” Pinzon said. “The average age of our employee, worldwide, is about 26 or 27 years old.”

In the next four to six months, Soutec plans to increase its products and offerings in the region, while simultaneously working on opening a new office in Chile. For now, Pinzon hopes he and his team will be able to continue offering clients the best experience they can.

“The customer experience we’re able to offer is what has our company where it is right now,” Pinzon said. “Our clients are really happy with the service we provide, and that’s what’s made us a success – so that’s what we want to focus on.” 

​This interview was conducted by the​ South Florida Business Journal.