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5 year Fulfilling our Service Promise

Soutec celebrates its 5th anniversary by crediting its success on the instilling of values and competencies that identify them, supported by a hard-working team that encourages them to continue growing.


This entrepreneurship started in April 2014 by the efforts of three engineers: Gianfranco Di Girolamo, Julian Pinzon, and Carlos Silva – each with experience in the telecommunications space. They decided to point their efforts towards serving customers by sharing their expertise and experience, while at the same time continuing to study and grow professionally.


Soutec was conceived on the premise of having a workplace where employees feel thrilled and motivated through sustained growth. This is accomplished by continuously learning, developing relationships based on values, and the commitment to achieve efficient results.


While the company started with a small operation and reduced offering of services with only three employees, after just five years the company now boasts a total of over 90 staff members in different parts of the world as well as offices in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela.


Its success is based on firm principles of honesty, respect, collective conscience, gratitude, and humility, as well as exceptional quality of service, responsibility, self-development, and proactivity. 


“I celebrate this anniversary visualizing the evolution of Soutec in the next 5 years which, I am sure, will be of great corporate maturity,” said Julian Pinzon, co-founder and Managing Director of Soutec, adding that with his sights set on the future “(…) we intend to keep innovating in our product offerings and services in order to continue being strategic allies to our customers by supporting them in the process of transforming their businesses through our technology solutions”.