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Soutec Recognized as a Case of Studies by Cisco

Cisco highlights Soutec as a case studies thanks to the implementation of Meraki Solutions for Goodwill Industries of South Florida, its network covering 46 stores, more than 500 network devices and more than 3200 guests and employees.


Goodwill, an American non-profit company that provides work for people in vulnerable situations, had no wireless solution. “I just haven’t relied on wireless systems enough to configure them,” said Sam Robinson, IT Manager of this organization, a position he has held for more than 20 years.


Soutec, as Cisco Premier Partner, through a complete demonstration of the Meraki suite of products, including the centralized control panel, manages to gain confidence as a consultant and technological implementer for updating its networks. In the first phase of this project, they implemented MR access points to improve monitoring and general management of bandwidth use in the store.


Goodwill set bandwidth limitations on download restrictions to protect your network from employee misuse. By using the MR traffic configuration rules, they can still provide internet access to guests visiting the stores. With these policies implemented, the company can take advantage of other MR functions, such as Location Analytics, which enhances integrated Bluetooth capabilities, to better understand the behavior of guests and visitors. This data can provide valuable information for making business decisions, benefit the user experience and make improvements in the store processes.


At present, this organization has fully adopted the Meraki MR, MS and MX cloud managed network solutions in all corporate stores and offices. For Goodwill it is very important to have internet in their branches. Thanks to the devices now available, an internet source that keeps the stores running can be guaranteed

These solutions allow any retail organization to maintain a network compatible with PCI (Payment Card Industry) that is essential for mobility and wireless management. When questions about Soutec arise, Goodwill’s network administrator states that “They are like an extension of our technology department and help with any problems that arise.”


About Cisco:

Cisco Systems is a global company based in San José, California, United States, primarily engaged in the manufacture, sale, maintenance and consulting of telecommunications equipment.